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Get Rid Of That Ugly Old
And Dangerous Bath Tub

Old tub to be replaced

Start 2024 In Style With A Beautiful and Safe New Shower.

New tub to shower conversion

Step Into To A Beautiful Safe New Shower This Easter

New tub to shower conversion

Top Safety Reasons For Converting A Tub To A Shower

1. Reduced Slip and Fall Risk: Showers, especially those with non-slip floors, pose a lower risk of slipping and falling compared to bathtubs. Bathtubs often require stepping over a high side, which can be challenging for people with mobility issues. In contrast, walk-in showers or those with a very low threshold are easier to access.

2. Better Stability and Balance: Showers can be equipped with grab bars and built-in seats, providing additional stability and balance for users. This is particularly beneficial for the elderly or those with physical limitations. Bathtubs, due to their shape and depth, can make it harder to maintain balance, especially when moving in and out.

3. Less Physical Effort Required: Entering and exiting a shower typically requires less physical effort than getting in and out of a bathtub. This is crucial for individuals with limited mobility or strength, as the act of lowering oneself into a tub and then getting up again can be strenuous and risky.
4. Emergency Accessibility: In case of a medical emergency, it is easier for first responders to access and assist someone in a shower compared to a bathtub. The more open and accessible nature of showers allows for quicker and safer emergency responses.
5. Temperature Control: Showers offer more immediate control over water temperature, reducing the risk of scalding compared to bathtubs, where hot water can accumulate and increase the risk of burns, especially for children and the elderly.

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